Unconscious Bias Training

Unconscious bias training goes beyond cultural awareness by utilizing peer-reviewed research and recognized methods to build an individual’s cultural intelligence. This leads to more effective cross-cultural connections and improved personal and professional relationships. The workshop is for individuals and organizations seeking proven strategies for optimizing their position as global citizens. This blended-learning program will benefit anyone who interacts with different cultures, whether multinational, generational, ethnic or even organizational cultures within a workplace.

Implicit Bias For Healthcare

Implicit bias training provides healthcare practitioners and professionals with an in-depth understanding of implicit and explicit bias. This workshop teaches you how to manage your bias and interactions with diverse patients, practitioners, and peers. This invaluable skill benefits all healthcare practitioners by helping them become self-aware and equipped with actionable insights into cultural diversity, personal and systemic biases which are present in healthcare practices, processes and policies.


My Cultural Values

Learn about culture, ten cultural value preferences, and the ten largest cultural clusters in the world. Course content includes one and a half hours of learning activities, quizzes, videos, and lectures. Course content provided by the Cultural Intelligence Center is highly interactive so each learner can view content which reflects their individual preferences

My Unconscious Bias

This e-learning course provides real-life examples and practical strategies for minimizing biased actions and decision-making. Based on the proven research about Cultural Intelligence (CQ), My Unconscious Bias created by the Cultural Intelligence Center helps build awareness, develop strategies for managing bias, and ultimately reduce the application of bias in the workplace.

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